IT Policies and Procedures | Autumn 2022


In March 2022, Gary Horsman spoke to the then newly-appointed Senior Pastor Rudolphe ‘Rudy’ Moley about reorganizing Lakeshore Church’s IT infrastructure and management.

A document was emailed to Pastor Rudy on 30 March 2022 with a list of proposals on managing church IT services such as email, the website, social media accounts, internal communications and security. The document was shared with the board members at the time. On 08 April 2022, Pastor Rudy sent an email confirming that the board had given the proposals a positive review.

The application of these proposals went forward and were carried out by Gary Horsman who kept Pastor Rudy apprised of its progress.

Email and website hosting

Email and website hosting was migrated from Mimi Hosting Solutions, administered by Larry Duke, to DreamHost now administered by Gary Horsman. Payment for hosting services is to be submitted to Gary Horsman on an annual basis. Pastor Rudy was also given administrative access to the DreamHost hosting account.

Domain registration of was transferred from Mimi Hosting Solutions to and administered by Gary Horsman on 10 July 2022. Pastor Rudy and Larry Duke were advised via email of the transfer. Payment for domain registration services is to be submitted to Gary Horsman on an annual basis.

Communications and social media

A Lakeshore Church Discord server was created on 18 April 2022 and administered by Gary Horsman for internal communications, specifically for audio-visual and worship teams, for the sharing of plans, files, ideas and other managerial tasks. This Discord server is already serving its purpose and stakeholders are taking advantage of its ease of use and practicality.

Lakeshore Church continues to maintain a Mailchimp account which is used for church-wide newsletters and announcements via email campaign. Catherine Di Nunzio continues to be the main contact point for the account and Michelle Thibeault-Lloyd, the church secretary, composes, manages and publishes all church email campaigns.

Michelle also manages Lakeshore’s social media accounts including the Facebook page at and Instagram account at associated with [email protected].

Instagram accounts have also been created for @lakeshore.promiseland, @lakeshore.youth and @lakeshoreyoungadults. Associated email accounts are yet to be identified.

Planning Center

Originally registered by Pastor Dan Price during his tenure, Planning Center, an online administrative platform for churches, continues to provide a wealth of services for groups, mailing lists, donations and the church app via Church Center. Visit to preview.

Planning Center has also become the hub for managing the church’s prayer request ministry and is being fully utilized by the appointed team under the supervision of Gladys Batten. Catherine Di Nunzio has written online documentation with instructions on how to manage the prayer request form submissions and publish the requests to the associated Mailchimp prayer request mailing list.

It has been proposed to further exploit Planning Center’s features to derive the greatest organizational value possible from the platform. We look forward to continuing to better integrate it into church life.


Migrating Lakeshore’s website and email to DreamHost has enabled us to take advantage of no-cost SSL to protect web traffic from bad actors and provides a secure and stable environment for mail communications.

Planning Center includes vetting features for criminal background checks to help screen applicants wishing to volunteer for various church groups and ministries, most specifically those involving minors.

A password management plan was proposed to secure all passwords used for various online services, but is yet to be implemented at the time of this update. Currently, passwords for all accounts are being administered by Gary Horsman in his personal password manager and have been shared with Michelle Thibeault-Lloyd and Pastor Rudy.


Specific inquiries regarding these IT policies and procedures can be directed to Gary Horsman via [email protected] or to Pastor Rudy via [email protected].